S.M. Zafar
Chancellor, Hamdard University, Karachi
Chairman Executive Council
Hamdard Public School, Lahore

I am delighted to record that since its establishment, Hamdard Public School, Lahore has made steady and appreciable progress, and is today recognized as a reliable institution of learning where the students while they acquire knowledge, are also in-touch with high traditions of our past.

I have been attending the annual function of the School organized each year in the spacious hall of Alhamra. Successful students get their prizes and rewards, and others participate in variety of interesting activities. I, was each time pleased to note that parents who attended the function were pleased and proud of the achievements of their sons and daughters.

Of course, there is still more to be done because thirst for knowledge and need to know more is inherent in human beings. It is for the teachers to nourish and promote it.

I strongly recommend to the School to keep on adding more and interesting books to the already established school’s Book Club. The habit to read is formed at the school stage.

I wish the Principal, teachers and the staff of the School best of luck.