Admission Procedure

The admission procedure starts with the child physically taking the admission test. After clearing his/her test, he/she will be required to submit the admission form along with the necessary documents. The child is then formally registered with the school.

Admission Test

The applicant has to score at least 60% marks in the entry test and interview. The following subjects are included in the entry test from class1 onwards.

  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Urdu
  • Science

Required Documents

  • The following documents must be submitted with the admission form:
  • Photocopy of candidate’s birth certificat
  • Three passport size photographs of the candidate, with the name of the candidate on the back
  • Photocopies of the national identity card and form B of the candidate’s parent
  • Medical report of the candidate
  • Report of the last school attended (if any)
  • The entry test report
  • School leaving certificate (if any)

Fee Structure

  • At the time of enrollment, the fee charges will include registration fee, admission fee, tuition fee and other facility charges (if applicable).
  • School fee and other charges shall be paid every two months in advance.
  • Fees must be paid before 10th of the first month. A fine of Rs 10/- a day will be charged onwards.
  • If fee is not paid before 25th of the first month, the student will be expelled from school. In case of re-admission the student will be required to pay the outstanding dues along-with re-admission fee.
  • The school holds the right to revise the fee structure at any time without consulting the parents.


  • Parents are free to withdraw their child from the school at any time they wish to. However, the tuition fee that has already been submitted will not be refunded.
  • A student shall be considered to be withdrawn from the school if:
  • He/she has not attended the school for a period of one month, unless arrangements for such absence have been made and agreed to by the Principal of the School
  • His/her fees have remained unpaid till 25th of the first month. In case of readmission, the student will be required to pay the outstanding dues with re-admission fee.
  • He/she has been asked to withdraw from school due to disciplinary reasons. The school in the event of such withdrawal shall not be required to give any notice before enforcing its decision, which shall be the absolute and sole discretion of the school.
  • He/she has failed in the same class for two consecutive years or has failed to qualify for promotion on two different occasions in his/her school career.

General Information

The school timings change twice a year according to seasonal changes. The school has five working days, from Monday to Friday. Transport Facilities are provided to all parts of Lahore. Uniforms are available for both summer and winter seasons.

Summer Uniform

For Boys: Blue striped half sleeves shirt, navy blue trousers, and black shoes.
For Girls: Blue striped half sleeves shirt, white shalwar, hijab with blue stripes, and black shoes.

Winter Uniform

For Boys: White shirt, grey trousers, sleeveless grey sweaters, maroon blazer and maroon tie.
For Girls: Maroon striped shirt, white shalwar, hijab with maroon stripes, maroon sweater & blazer

Note: School uniform is available at the school Tuck Shop.